The most stimulating journey is a dreamy one.

Leaning on balconies that Frédérique Chemin lays on colorful horizons we are filled with a rare feeling of never ending leisure.

These fluid memories of lightly sketched landscapes, these feasts of burning lights, those carnivals vanishing into thin air, vague souvenirs of Venice and misty blue seascapes, all have been and will always be.

Through her experience and vision the artist offers us an insight into this magical world.

Under the mastery and power of color, we can feel the great sensivity of the artist.

A marriage of lighthearted and profound poetry springs from these simple elements engraved in color, and from a most subtle setting, a setting which seemingly nurtures moments from fleeting and idle lives-most happy lives.

And so, a new « Invitation Au Voyage »* is perfectly primed, free from hindrance of pretence or din :

« Mon enfant, ma sœur,
Songe  à la douceur
D’aller là-bas vivre ensemble… »

Patrice Rostain


With the wings of Dream wanders the journey…

The bright and colorful universe of Frédérique Chemin’s paintings brings back to us a taste of chidhood innocence and joy, and the poetry of the lands they create make us wander freely  along happy-go-lucky paths…